Niche Where Can I Buy Coach House Insurance?

Online, everyday insurers don’t offer a bespoke Coach House policy typically, as the Insurance world has been rather slow on the uptake of these properties being built at such a rate. You cannot buy it online – unless you can find a specialist and you cannot buy it from mainstream providers such as Direct Line, Churchill’s, More Than its stands today – 30/08/2017. It’s a niche product and requires a specialist insurance Provider.Why? Quite simply this is because of the Liability of any garages which fall to the property Freeholder to insure, which is leased out to leaseholder who lives nearby. There is complex Liability issues that most Insurers are not interested in and therefor will not offer insurance.

The Freeholder must insure the garages if they form part of the Title Deeds of the property – otherwise, in the event of a claim (fire for example) the property will not be able to be rebuilt as the garages which form the foundation and base of the building, won’t be covered on the policy. You cannot issue a coach house as a flat – because it is not one and you will be incorrectly insuring your property – again this would mean that any claims would be refused as you will not have insured your property honestly and in good faith.Coach House Insurance is therefor a niche product and not so widely available – but it is there! You must Insure the property as a Coach House, and all the Garages mentioned on the title deeds of the property must be included on the Buildings Insurance Schedule.When you initially buy your Coach House your solicitor should bring this to your attention to make sure that the property will be properly and adequately Insured, and covering your Legal liabilities to the leaseholder of any garages. You should be advised of your Legal Responsibilities to all leaseholder’s and the fact that you are required to insure their garage as part of your property. You won’t insure their contents of course – but you do need to insure the fabric of the whole building.

Providing you insure the whole building then any valid claims submitted will be honored, and your Legal Liabilities protected. Considering Coach House Insurance is not typically expensive – its worth doing properly. People expect premiums to be higher than ‘normal’ buildings insurance – but that is not the case.

Niche 4 Simple, Effective Ways to Boost Your Web Presence As an Author

Being an author in today’s fast-paced, self-publishing world is only getting tougher and tougher. Thousands of books are published to Amazon Kindle every single day. Many of them are garbage. However, many are also hidden gems that are never going to get discovered because they will be buried by other books. So how do people succeed? Well, one way is to buy high authority links. Another way is to build a solid online web reputation. This is key to many self-publishing successes. Personally, I have four pen names with over 7 books written by each one. I have had other pen names previously that were complete and utter failures. While learning from these failing ventures, I learned quite a lot about getting your name out there as an author. I am going to share with you several simple steps you can take today to increase your web reputation as a self-published author.Nothing that I am going to share with you today is rocket science. These will be simple actions that you can take today in order to perform better tomorrow. So let’s dive right in with what I consider to be the first and most important step: Set up an Amazon Author’s page. This is the first step any author publishing a book on Amazon should take. Most of the time, your author page will be your chance to make the first impression on your potential customers so it is one of the most important actions you need to take.Authors Page:

Use this area to show that you have personality, knowledge, and passion. Let the audience know who you really are (or desire to be).

Be sure to use a proper photograph for your author image; does not have to be professional but it sure does help.

Include any relevant work or job experience as well as any freelance writing you might have done.

This is a great place to place keywords related to your book.

Although, most people might not read your author’s page, it is more important to have one than not because nobody wants to buy from an author that doesn’t even have a bio on Amazon.

The next step is just as important as the first and can be done before you even launch your book. If you really want to succeed on Amazon as an author you really need to utilize social media platforms to your advantage. If anything you have to cover the Big 3 – Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Personally, I make pages for my pen names and individual books. Utilizing these to your fullest potential allows you to get a lot more visitors. For example, my Facebook page for one of my books is on page 1 of Google for the most popular keyword in that niche, my book itself is not. Moreover, once you set these profiles up, even if you do not use them, they can potentially benefit you. Recently, I logged into one of my old pen names on Google+ and found out it had 1,000 views in the last 30 days. And that is with no optimization or posting for the last year.Social Media:Facebook
Create a profile for your pen name as well as your book(s)
Utilize the about page to write about yourself/book and insert links to your product’s page
Invite all your friends to like the page
Link both accounts with your website/blog
Create a profile for your pen name
Follow a bunch of authors, journalists, and publishing websites
Tweet links to your Amazon page
Link Twitter account to your website/blog
Follow back people that follow you
Create a page for your pen name and book(s)
Be sure to include link to your Amazon page
I have gotten more pages on Google Page 1 from Google+ than any other social network, so I recommend to post often for your targeted keywords
Join circles related to your niche; ask people to +1 your page.
Link your Google+ pages with your website/blog
Create a channel for your pen name
Great opportunity to talk about your book, introduce the plot/characters
Incite interest by giving out parts of your book that you know will make the viewer read your book
Include interesting snippets of your life. Be relatable
Do not be afraid to ask people to subscribe to your channel
Link YouTube account to your website/blog
This next step that I am about to introduce, I wanted to put as the first point in this guide. However, due its nature, I figured a lot of people would skip this step anyway. However, I encourage you to take the time and effort into building an attractive, authority website. This is one of the most effective ways to increase your web presence and reputation.Website:

Personally, I have found that it is best to build a simple WordPress site

Include a page for each book, an author’s bio, and a blog

For the blog, try to post at least two 200-500 articles each week (most of the time I outsource this)

This is a great place to show readers that you know what you are talking about; also people love authors who are “active”

Insert Amazon banners for your books on the sidebars of all pages

Connect your social media profiles

The last point that I want to talk to you about is creating quality articles for your author/books. These can be outsourced or written by you, just make sure you use your keywords effectively. The idea is to write great authority content and post these articles on high PR article submission sites in order to increase your authority. You can either link these articles to your author website or directly to your Amazon page (I prefer to link it to my website).Article Submission:

Post to sites like HubPages, Squidoo, EzineArticles, etc.

Insert anchor links into your keywords

Use a lot of images

Insert links to your social media profiles at the end of these articles as well

Share these articles via social media
I use all the above methods (and a lot more) every time I get ready to publish a book, and I recommend you do too. There is no better way to start building your author web reputation than utilizing this quick guide. And the best part about it is that you can start implementing all these methods right now.

Niche Online Marketing Strategies For 2017

If you want to market well, you should plan, anticipate changes and benefit from the trends. The previous year was a great year for marketing online. To stay competitive, you should use the following marketing strategies in 2017.1. The augmented realityWho knew that Pokemon Go would make millions of dollars on a daily basis? The app gave us two lessons: today’s users are into augmented reality experiences and that the potential is great for those who want to enter this world. In the future, you will find more brands offering AR ads, AR games and so on.2. Live StreamingSocial media users of today are into real-time content. Nowadays, live streaming has become easier due to the fast internet speeds and the millions of mobile devices. You can see that more and more apps come with live streaming of videos. So, you may want to benefit from this feature this year.

3. Data Visualization If you are a marketer, you know the importance of data. Actually, you should use quantitative information in order to know who is interested in what. The problem is that the data analysts of today find it hard to understand what the data says. Actually, our brains can’t process a huge amount of data without the help of machines.Now, the data analysis has become a piece of cake because of the technological advancements. Today, you can benefit from tons of data analysis tools that are available on the market. In the coming years, the technology will get a bit more sophisticated and you will have a greater need to analyze data.4. Native advertisingAs far as the trends are concerned, native advertising is on the list of oldest trends. As a matter of fact, it has been in use for years. Actually, this strategy gives you a kind of natural visibility.Nowadays, native advertising is rising in popularity, as buyers don’t give that much importance to traditional types of advertising. Moreover, this form of advertising is a sneakier method to get the attention of consumers.5. Niche Markets There is an influx of online marketers but the number of consumers is not increasing at the same rate. Millions of new brands enter the same markets to get their share of revenue. This is true as far as social media is concerned.

So, what can you do for success? Well, you may want to be specific. In other words, you should target a specific niche and try to attract a narrower demographic with a specific product.6. Immersive experience Nowadays, users are into immersive experiences. Actually, they want to do more than just stare at their smart phone screens. So, virtual reality and augmented reality are the two things that can be used to get the attention of users. So, how can you benefit from this technology? Well, you can use 360 videos for instance.So, if you are looking for some solid online marketing strategies for 2017, we suggest that you check out these strategies. They have worked for many people. Hopefully, they will work for you as well.