Would You Wait In Line For Nutella?

Recently, I got caught up in an open market of studies and case by case reviews of products, the end game presentation was a product that we all thought would probably crash in the buyer arena. No interest…But our lineup of successful products hit the dirt in the marketplace, and nobody surpassed the loss leader that we fully expected to die in our dust.What generates a market rush when the products have equal value? When one product is popular but non-plussing in a results based study? When the world takes a dive and buyers are hot on the trail, what generates the sale?Nutella is food grade party stash!

If you’re really hungry for chocolate, Nutella will tickle your fancy, but really… On the open market with plenty of food on the shelves, what drives a line of buyers to wait for hours to purchase Nutella? Is it really that good?Our market sample indicated Nutella wasn’t on their radar, until we mentioned alternative products. Nobody considered potted meat product as an alternative for their chocolaty addiction.But what about the Info-Product Market that Online Marketers hold up as critical to re-establishment of economic foundation for business development? Are there any “chocolaty addictions” within our markets?Key element products will sell!When we asked our buyers what they would purchase in any economy, they said, “How to… Build? Design? Market? products will always sell. We will always buy those.”Market research and case studies revealed that more info-product buyers would purchase a how to build or design product than a how to market product, because they would assume one how to market product would cover the span of a variety of different products. But, almost all revealed that they find themselves with a stock load of How to products of any variety now, and more often than not, they do use them.

So what is the basis for purchasing How to products?

When the product is limited to a chosen few for sale. We feel that it must be a chosen niche, so we’ll purchase that one.

Significant income probability. We believe based on research of the item and case studies that the income potential from the product is substantial.

Feasibility of multi-useful results. Can we use the product to create products in more than one specific niche. If that’s the case, we’ll definitely purchase it.

But would you stand in line for an info product?Only if you sold it with Nutella on the side.And can we have bacon with that?